Why use Heir Tight Wills?

It’s Hard To Think Of A Good Reason Not To Have A Will… But Not All Will Writers Are The Same.

Rachael Rodgers of Heir Tight Wills, specialist Will-writer and estate planner explains:

“A lot of people still think they need to use a solicitor to draft their Will, but not many solicitors specialise in Wills. Most of them they can ‘put one together’ but it won’t necessarily do what you need it to do in terms of estate planning.  To use a medical comparison, many solicitors are like GP’s – they know a fair amount across a lot of different areas, but if your GP diagnoses an issue, you want them to refer you to a Specialist.”

“Heir Tight Wills is that ‘Specialist’.  Purely providing Will writing and estate planning services, and most importantly, in plain English and not legal jargon”.

“Unfortunately a lot of Will writing companies will simply send a ‘sales person’ to visit you, who can take your instructions, but they have little if any training in estate planning, and are most certainly not qualified to give you legal advice.  They specialise in trying to sell you substantially priced prepaid Probate services, which you might not even need”.

“Heir Tight Wills is a full member of the country’s largest Will writing body – the Society of Will Writers, with £2m of professional indemnity insurance for our clients protection (which we have never had to call on!), and adhering to the highest codes of practice, which are Trading Standards accredited.

Unlike the majority of Wills writers and solicitors who draft Wills, Rachael Rodgers is qualified through STEP – the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners – attaining the highest qualification in Will preparation. Heir Tight Wills trades on 4 things – Professionalism, Credibility, Integrity and Transparency”.

Heir Tight Wills is also recommended by a large and constantly growing number of Financial Advisers, Accountants and also solicitors who do not write Wills, who are happy to trust their clients’ Will and estate planning needs to Rachael Rodgers.

Operating across the South East – Heir Tight Wills visit you in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time to suit you, to take your instructions, answer any questions you may have, and advise you on every conceivable aspect of this complex legal area, which may include issues such as:

  • protecting your assets against the possible remarriage or care fees of your surviving spouse;
  • protecting your children’s inheritance from their own potential future divorce or creditors;
  • reducing the payment of unnecessary amounts of Inheritance Tax;
  • providing for the continuity and succession of your Business;

…and a lot more besides

Where our clients are based outside the South East, we have relationships with a nationwide network of equally competent, experienced and fully insured professional Will writing specialists, also being members of the SWW or IPW, so we can ensure that, wherever you are in the country, you can get the advice and documents you require, from reputable fully insured professionals, bound by very strict industry codes of practice, and specialists in their field.

Whether it is putting in place provision should you lose mental capacity – saving your family thousands of pounds in Court Fees, or ensuring your young children are brought up according to your wishes after your death, or protecting your estate from unintended third parties and inheritance tax, Heir Tight Wills’ services are designed to completely cater for your specific requirements and wishes, giving you peace of mind, and delivered by a company committed to the highest standards of customer service.