Prepaid Funeral Plans

Why consider a pre-paid Funeral Plan?

In 2004, an average funeral cost around £1,920. By 2014 this had risen to £3,600 – well above the general level of inflation.

If you are considering writing a new Will or updating your existing one, why not at the same consider a pre-paid plan that would take full care of all your funeral expenses and arrangements.

What many people don’t realise is that, even if you intend to fund your funeral from your estate proceeds, these monies are generally not available immediately after your death – as the process of administering the estate has not even begun.

Also, the funeral wishes you state in our Will are exactly that, wishes. There is no guarantee that your chosen type of funeral will be honoured – mainly due to the fact that Wills are very often not read until after the funeral, and in some cases there is simply not be the budget in the estate – particularly if your wishes are more ‘unconventional’.

Peace of mind for you and your family

With a pre-paid plan you can choose exactly the funeral you would like – be it burial, cremation or an eco-friendly woodland burial or cardboard coffin – and the funeral director’s fees for it are paid, no matter how prices rise in the future. You can even choose the hymns and music for the day, and the plan can cater for any particular religious beliefs you have. The service is totally bespoke for you, and most importantly, spares your family the emotional and financial burden of organising your funeral, with all the decisions and problems this can entail, at a time when they can least cope.

The plans can be paid either in a lump sum or monthly instalments – to find out more, just Contact Us.

A helping hand for over 25 years


Heir Tight Wills work with Funeral Planner ‘Golden Leaves’, who have been at the forefront of pre-paid funeral plans for over 30 years. Since 1984, tens of thousands of people throughout the UK and overseas have chosen to plan ahead and purchase a funeral plan with Golden Leaves.

Your money is safe with a Golden Leaves funeral plan

Purchase a pre-paid funeral plan now, and you pay today’s prices for your future funeral arrangements. Whether you pay in full or by instalments over two or more years, your plan is protected by:

‘The Golden Leaves Guarantee’

Golden Leaves guarantee that the funeral director’s fees will be met in full when the time comes. All their funds are held in the Golden Leaves Trust Fund, which is managed for both its protection and to ensure stable long-term growth. It is overseen independently by a board of Trustees, and regulated in compliance with The Financial Services & Markets Act 2001.

The Fund is annually independently audited, and subject to strict actuarial reporting. It is solid, stable and, above all, completely secure. The Trustees are required to ensure that funds are available to cover the cost of every pre-paid funeral when they occur, so however much the actual costs rise in the future, your funds are protected and all of the services outlined in your chosen arrangements will be fully funded.

Pre-planning your funeral couldn’t be easier

You can take out a funeral plan at any age, and there’s no medical or health-check. You simply plan your funeral today, and then get on with your life!

Simply decide what kind of a funeral you’d like and Golden Leaves do the rest. Whatever your needs, they help you put together the perfect package – whether you choose one of the popular modular all-inclusive funerals, or prefer to put together a more personalised set of arrangements. Golden Leaves have planned funerals for many religions and ethnic groups, so have an in-depth understanding of the rituals, rites, procedures and the specific personnel that may be required.

Contact Us for more information about pre-planning your Funeral, whenever that may be!