Estate Planning

Estate Planning helps protect your hard earned assets from 3rd parties after you are gone

You can protect against:

  • Inheritance Tax – if you would prefer your family inherited your money rather than the Government
  • Remarriage – if you don’t wish to leave your estate to your partners’ next spouse
  • Long term care fees – to protect your assets for your family
  • Loss of assets by wayward or troubled dependents – maybe due to drug or alcohol dependency or gambling addiction, or from a potential future divorce or bankruptcy

In addition you can ensure you:

  • Provide for those with disabilities without risking their eligibility for means tested State Benefits
  • Make provision to protect your Business and your employees

Estate Planning normally makes use of Trusts in your Will to protect your assets. Trusts alleviate the potential for problems that can arise from leaving your assets directly to another person, where the assets will then form part of their estate; because when it comes to calculations for Inheritance Tax, future Care Home fees or divorce, those assets might be lost before they can benefit the loved ones you ultimately wanted to provide for.

You can also ensure the continuity your Business after your death, or ensure your family do not lose out on your business’ entitlement to the 0% Tax applicable to Business Property Relief.

So which measures are right for you? Our FREE Telephone Consultation will cut through the jargon, identify the best options for in light of your own individual circumstances, and show you how the relevant options will benefit you, and the loved ones you leave behind.