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If you die without a valid Will, those you leave behind will have no say in how your assets are handled..

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Around 70% of people in the UK die without a valid Will, and some 28% of exiting Wills are found to have major flaws that totally change the way their assets are distributed.

There are so many things you need to be aware of in order to make sure your family – and your Business – are secure after you’re gone, just getting started can be intimidating.

It couldn’t be easier to ensure your assets, your business, and your family are secure after you’re gone!

But my two new booklets – “Ensure your Will is fit for purpose” and “Business Wills & Succession Planning” – will change that, explaining the most essential aspects of a valid Will – for individuals and families and for business owners – and they are written in plain English not legal jargon!

I’ve spent years helping my clients make sure their personal and business assets will be handled according to their wishes after their death.  I’ve written these booklets to ensure that those you leave behind don’t have to go through the uncertainty and distress that result when you die without a relevant and valid Will.

Amongst the topics I demystify are…

  • How complex family structures can impact the writing of your Will
  • How you can ensure your children are taken care of
  • How to ensure your assets go where you want them to
  • How to keep children’s inheritance safe for them – and safe from them!
  • Why Inheritance Tax is to a large extent ‘voluntary’
  • How to ensure your Business continues to prosper after you’re gone
  • Why every adult should have Lasting Powers of Attorney

These are the most important lessons that I’ve learnt from my years of experience as a professional Will writer, managing a huge array of clients. Whether you’re making a Will for the first time or want to ensure that the one you have is fit for purpose, these booklets will tell you what you need to know.

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